The Cure – Six Different Ways

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Taken from the album ‘The Head On The Door’ (Fiction).

Stan says: #Friday. As much as we like the odd track on albums like ’17 Seconds’ and ‘Faith’, it was always The Cure’s ability to throw some light into the darkness that first drew us to band. Even at our most depressed the ’17 Seconds’/’Faith’/’Pornography’ records just never seemed like truly enjoyable listening experiences, no matter how many times we tried to let them win us over. As a result (but to the surprise of many of our musical friends this morning), news that The Cure were bringing their Reflections show to the Royal Albert Hall in November ( in which they play their first three albums back to back), has not had us hunting for tickets on gumtree. We enjoy indulging in a spot of teenage misery and listening to tracks like ‘One More Time’ or ‘Homesick’ just as much as the next Stan, but we remain as likely as ever to follow them up with a dose of the unbridled pop at which The Cure have often excelled. ‘Six Different Ways’ is, in our opinion, one of The Cure’s very best pop moments.

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