Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Until I Fall Asleep EP (out now)

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‘Until I Fall Asleep EP’ by Paul Cook & The Chronicles is out now on Grandpa Stan Records and features ‘Keep Trying’, ‘When You Gonna Give Me Some Time′, ‘Hourly’ and ‘Until I Fall Asleep’. On Apple Music | Spotify

1. Produced by Paul Cook/Julian Simmons | 2, 3, 4 Produced by Paul Cook | 1 & 4 mixed by Julian Simmons at DIN | 2, 3 additional mix by Julian Simmons at DIN | Mastered by Chris Daniels at UK Mastering | Artwork by Jonna Björnstjerna

James McWilliam – Black Water (Single)

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New single by James McWilliam. Released on Grandpa Stan 30/09.
Amazon | Apple Music/iTunes | Bandcamp | Deezer | Spotify

GAMPER & DADONI x Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Blind Faith (Out Now)

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‘Blind Faith’ by GAMPER & DADONI feat. Paul Cook & The Chronicles (Grandpa Stan, STAN030DB) is out now and available on Beatport | Deezer | iTunes | Spotify

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Night Fires EP (out now)

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 ‘Night Fires EP’ by Paul Cook & The Chronicles is out now on Grandpa Stan Records and features ‘Night Fires’, ‘Only Love Pt. 2′, ‘Equal Amounts’, ‘A Real Thunderbolt (Midnight Sun Mix)’ and ‘Night Fires (Generator Mix)’.

‘Night Fires’ and ‘A Real Thunderbolt (Midnight Sun Mix)’ were produced/mixed by Todd Roache, ‘Night Fires (Generator Mix)’ was produced/mixed by Julian Simmons and ‘Only Love Pt. 2′ and ‘Equal Amounts’ were produced/mixed by Paul Cook. Additional Vocals on ‘Equal Amounts’ are by Alexia Hagen (c/o The High Wire).

On  iTunes | Amazon | Spotify | Deezer | Bandcamp 3 Trk NYP Version

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Thunderbolt EP (out now)

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‘Thunderbolt EP’ by Paul Cook & The Chronicles is out now on Grandpa Stan Records and features ‘A Real Thunderbolt’, ‘Come Out Wherever You Are’, ‘Upstairs Room’ and ‘Only Love Pt. 1’.

The EP is available throughout the known digiverse including @ iTunes, Amazon, 7 Digital, Deezer and Spotify.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Radar (out June 2nd)

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‘The Radar EP/Radar – Single’ by Paul Cook & The Chronicles will be released on Grandpa Stan Records on 2nd June. The 3 track bundle comes with ‘Universe’ & ‘Destroyer’. Pre-order the bundle on iTunes for £1.29 here.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Vol.3 Sine/Cure (Album) – Out Now

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“Vol. 3 Sine/Cure” is the new album by Paul Cook & The Chronicles and the third in less than 12 months from the London born songwriter.

The album is available now from all major music download and streaming services and as a specially priced bundle from iTunes for £4.99 GBP / €5.99 EUR / $6.99 USD here.

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