Forest Fire – The News

October 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Taken from the album ‘Staring At The X’
Released 17/10/11 on Fatcat Records

Stan says: #Wednesday. Though we weren’t quite as enamored with Forest Fire’s 2008 debut ‘Survival’ as some, it still appealed to our ears more than many other records we heard that year. Following a pattern set by recent free download track ‘Future Shadows’, ‘The News’ (the first single to be lifted from their sophomore release), only emphasizes the major steps the band have chosen to take away from the style of their debut, … but does so in such a slacker/’Let It Be’ era Replacements/we don’t give a f*!? kind of way that we can’t help but enjoy the changes. Love the ‘off the edge of the cliff’ ending too. Buy/Pre-order the album from Fatcat here

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