The Heart Strings – New Golden Days

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Taken from the album ‘Try Fly Blue Sky’
Out now on Grandpa Stan (Bandcamp)

Stan says: #almostthere. A free download extracted from the back end of the vault in honour of the festive season (courtesy of The Heart Strings). Happy yuletide and safe traveling. See you in 2012.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Six Places

November 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Released Nov 2011 (Grandpa Stan)
Cat Number STAN014
Produced by Julian Simmons/Paul Cook & The Chronicles
Debut release by Paul Cook & The Chronicles

“Flawless.” The 405
“Three minutes of sheer bliss.” Mojophenia « Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Minds – Shake Off The Ghosts

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The Auteurs + Luke Haines

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Stan says: #Wednesday. Distraction struck when listening to the new album by Luke Haines this morning (available now on iTunes, ltd edition digipak out 7/11 on Fantastic Plastic here), and we found ourselves absentmindedly sticking on ‘New Wave’ by The Auteurs instead. Perfectly autumnal, ‘Junk Shop Clothes’ was always our favourite tune on an often bizarre record that was littered with standouts and quite unlike any of its Britpop bedfellows at the time. It’s just such a shame Haines has decided to become so conventional in his writing these days. Now, where exactly did we get up to with ‘Nine And A Half Psychedelic Meditations On British Wrestling Of The 1970s And Early ’80s’ …

The Cure – Six Different Ways

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Taken from the album ‘The Head On The Door’ (Fiction).

Stan says: #Friday. As much as we like the odd track on albums like ’17 Seconds’ and ‘Faith’, it was always The Cure’s ability to throw some light into the darkness that first drew us to band. Even at our most depressed the ’17 Seconds’/’Faith’/’Pornography’ records just never seemed like truly enjoyable listening experiences, no matter how many times we tried to let them win us over. As a result (but to the surprise of many of our musical friends this morning), news that The Cure were bringing their Reflections show to the Royal Albert Hall in November ( in which they play their first three albums back to back), has not had us hunting for tickets on gumtree. We enjoy indulging in a spot of teenage misery and listening to tracks like ‘One More Time’ or ‘Homesick’ just as much as the next Stan, but we remain as likely as ever to follow them up with a dose of the unbridled pop at which The Cure have often excelled. ‘Six Different Ways’ is, in our opinion, one of The Cure’s very best pop moments.

Ladytron – Ninety Degrees

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Taken from the album ‘Gravity The Seducer’
Released 12/09/2011 on Nettwerk.

Stan says: #Monday #unseasonalmusicpartt3 #vs. For no particular reason at all we’ve never been big followers of Ladytron in times past. Maybe it was the name? Either way they have previously managed to find themselves filed under the ‘bands we can’t quite to bothered to listen to right now’ category in our mental music scrapyard, (along with an almost infinite quantity of ‘world music’ artists that we long ago promised we would listen to but are now hiding away from in an overwhelmed corner). ‘Ninety Degrees’ however is currently proving a more than acceptabe accompaniment to our afternoon tea and biscuits so perhaps further investigation is warranted? Just can’t quite shake the Sarah Nixeyness in the vocals and the resultant itch to listen to some old Luke Haines records. Perhaps that Ladytron album fest can wait for another day …

Cass McCombs – The Same Thing

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Taken from ‘Humor Risk’ by Cass McCombs
Released 7/11/11 on Domino Records

Stan says: #Monday. Cass McCombs is not always the recommended treatment for a stag hangover, especially if teetering on the edge of something mildly existential. This however is almost (almost), upbeat in a House of Love kind of way and McCombs’ vocal has a definite Sumner-ish/Mancunian quality to it at points. Interesting.

Beirut – Sante Fe

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Taken from ‘The Rip Tide’ by Beirut
Released 29/8/2011 on Pompeii Records
Visit the Beirut website here

Stan says: #Friday. After one of the strangest weeks in London Town, and though not so in keeping with the theory that Friday tunes should be at least 70% dairy content (initial inspections suggest this is 30% at most), this beautifully uplifting new tune from the forthcoming Beirut album seems as good a thing to listen to as any at the moment. It doesn’t quite slay the ghost of ‘Sunday Smile’, but few tracks do.

The High Wire – The Sleep Tape

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Released 08/3/2010 (Grandpa Stan)
Cat number STAN008
Produced by The High Wire
Additional Production & Mix by Rik Simpson
Buy CD Digipak & Tape
Buy on itunes

Stan says: Full stream of debut album by The High Wire.
Includes ‘Odds & Evens’, ‘Pump Your Little Heart’ and ‘The Midnight Bell’.
Live on BBC Introducing Stage, Glastonbury – Sat 25 June

“Twinkling lazy day loveliness …” Clash Magazine
“A narcoleptic wonderland … simply dreamy” NME « Read the rest of this entry »

Radiohead – Staircase

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Taken From The Basement

Stan Says: Something new to listen to when the winter sets in.

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