Portugal. The Man – Head Is A Flame (Cool With It)

October 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Taken from the album ‘In The Mountain In The Cloud’
Out now on Atlantic. Buy on itunes

Stan says: #Friday. The MGMT meets Scissor Sisters meets Mott The Hoople thoughts that bounced around our brain when first listening to Portugal.The Man a few years ago started bouncing around once again when we sat down to listen to their new full length recently. But whatever and whoever they sound like, there’s no questioning the bands ambition, work ethic or willingness to go for the big hook/chorus, (no matter how ‘uncool’ that proposition might be to some), and even for those reasons alone we salute them with both hands. So if you have not yet familiarized yourself with this record and feel in need of a roadtrip, then here is your excuse … insert ‘In The Mountain In The Cloud’ into your 8 track, set the satnav destination for Palo Alto (by way of Vegas) … and engage. And no we are not sure why we said Palo Alto exactly, but stop asking questions and go there already.

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